Decentralized Platform

everCrypt DAO

An open-source, non-profit basic income protocol powered by Atala Prism

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Our main features

Following the evident development in the Cardano ecosystem, it is obvious that we are close to having an all-encompassing system that caters for the provision of a community-driven Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) as a means of providing Basic Income.
Reserve Currency Protocol
  • CPI-Pegged Token – $ECC – everCryptCoin
  • Seigniorage Token – $ECS – everCryptShare
  • Vote – ve NFT / $veECS – voted escrow everCryptShare for governance
  • Built on Milkomeda
Mobile Wallet
  • Basic Income Wallet with Prism DID w/SDK
  • KYC &  Wallet Reputation
  • Web3 + Cardano Wallet
  • 3rd Party Integration / Hosting
  • Basic Income Wallet with Prism DID w/SDK
  • Protocol Voting

stable reserve currency - $ECC

$ECS - everCryptShare
Statistic data

Protocol Visualized

Our system is looking at creating a DAO system on Cardono Blockchain to ensure swift transaction, optimal security, and effortless verification of credentials. The one-time donation will be used to invest back in the Cardano system.

Our vision includes but is not limited

Becoming the most downloaded crypto mobile app on the Android play store
Ensuring Rebase rate never de-pegs from agreed CPI index
Provision of basic income (to some degree) to at least 1 million humans across
multiple countries

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